8 Ways To Bring Luck For Lunar New Year


Get ready for a lucky year ahead! Let’s see what people should do to prepare for Tet and ensure a fresh and prosperous start to the new year.

  • Clean your home

It is essential to clean the house, or the office, a few days before New Year’s day. This will cleanse the space of all bad energy that was accumulated during the year. Any cleaning done on the first few days of celebration will sweep away all the good luck. Once the house is clean, the decorating part can begin for the festivities.

  • Wear red color

Red is one of the luckiest color to wear during the celebration of Tet. It symbolizes long life, vitality and happiness. This will warn off any bad spirits and bring luck through out the year.

  • Share meals with your family and loved ones

People always celebrate and enjoy a dinner with their family and loved ones for Tet. Sharing a meal is a symbol of closeness and love you share together.

Also, it is common to visit friends and relatives during the following days of Tet celebration.

  • Pay all the debts before Tet

This common custom comes from the belief that people open the door to welcome the spring of wealth. This is why, they should return the money or all the things they have borrowed and pay the debts they owed the past year. Otherwise, they would be stuck with debts for the upcoming year.

  • Smile

It is believed that a smile can improve good relationship among people so the atmosphere would be more relaxed. Smiling could bring happiness to your family and more generally to people around you for the year.

During the festivities, people know they should avoid any bad behavior, like getting angry or nervous so they always remember to put a great smile on their face! In the same way, it is forbidden to say bad things, swear or argue in order to bring a harmonic year. Be peaceful and joyful to be sure to bring positive energy in the year to come.

  • Give (or receive) Lucky money

Giving “Li xi” or lucky money to children and elders in a family is a way to wish good health, success, happiness and of course prosperity. The money is put inside red envelopes as the red color symbolizes good luck. According to Asian’s belief, giving or receiving money for the Tet would bring good fortune to the upcoming year.

Those envelopes should not be spent immediately, it is a way to encourage the youngest to keep their money.

  • Offer gifts

During Tet celebration, another common tradition is to exchange gifts, mostly seen in business. This custom represents the long-lasting corporation between colleagues and business partners or between clients and firms.

Among the most popular gifts offered for Tet Festival, you will see wine and gift baskets, cookies, chocolates, fruits… Usually, people buy the gift baskets including different kinds of treats, and will offer this present to their business partner.

  • Eat traditional food

About two weeks before Tet celebration, Vietnamese people start decorating their home with flowers and prepare traditional food.

A famous Vietnamese idiom says: “Hungry on the father’s death anniversary, full on three New Years days”. This means that no matter how poor people are, they will always celebrate the Tet with traditional food, like the sticky rice cake (Banh Chung and Banh Tet) or candied fruits (Mut Tet).

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