Coffee Shop For Pets In Ho Chi Minh City


In Ho Chi Minh City, there is something new in town! Cats, dogs, reptiles, birds are inviting themselves in coffee shops.
Are you a pet lover? If yes, let’s visit a café where you can pet fluffy dogs and friendly cats while sipping at your drink!
  • PET ME

Located in Thao Dien, Pet Me is a café where you can order drinks, ice cream, and yoghurt (not food). The outdoor space hosts live music and painting nights as well, but that is not the main attraction. You will find tropical birds, tortoises, reptiles, fluffy pups, a squirrel, some rabbits.

Pet Me is a great place to take your kids where you can end up with a small owl, a parakeet, or a cockatoo at your table. It is very well maintained and clean, with a small playground for the kids. The staff is very attentive and can help you hold the parrots.

They call it a mini zoo at the heart of Saigon and it feels exactly like that. A zoo where you can interact with a lot of animals.


Ailu has some of the most impressive felines in the city. If you are a cat lover, this place is made for you! Exotic Burmese or Persian cats are waiting for you. You will also appreciate the soft music and tasty coffee that will make you stay a while.


This coffee shop is for the most adventurous coffee drinkers. This one of a kind cafe is full of iguanas, lizards, snakes and frogs. People won’t be able to touch them too much, however those cold blood animals are interesting to observe.


This coffee shop was opened by a couple who both are big lovers of dogs.

The place has 2 floors, one for cats and one for dogs. You will find many friendly dogs on the first floor and fluffy cats on the second-floor loft including a Sphynx cat.

Do not hesitate to bring some food to feed your new friends!


Kens’ House Coffee has about 12 dogs of various breeds: Husky’s, Alaskan Malamutes on the second floor. They also sell dogs on the first floor. You can play with those friendly fluffy dogs as long as you wish. Ask to the staff some food to feed the dogs, this will make you very popular!


Hachiko cafe definitely has the most variety of dogs, big and small. The place is full of friendly dogs to cuddle and play with!

Named after the famous Japanese Akita dog “Hachiko”, known for waiting for his owner at the train station every day for over nine years after he passed away.

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