Discover The Worst People To Eat Hot Pot With


Although it doesn’t get cold in Ho Chi Minh, November still means it’s hot pot season. If you’ve never had it before, this build-your-own soup will quickly become one of your favorite social eating activities. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you become a hot pot expert. Read through our list of the worst people to eat hot pot with and learn how to easily avoid becoming one of them.

Mess Makers

You know these people – they’re at every restaurant everywhere. Usually, their actions don’t affect you that much, because they’re focused on making a mess of their own meal. However, when you eat hot pot with them, it becomes your problem. They stir too hard, splash food and broth out, drop the spoon and worse. These sinners can turn an enjoyable outing with friends into a real headache. If you have a mess maker in your group, take the indirect route and offer to serve them. Just keep them out of the cooking pot and everything should be okay!

The Nibbler

This guy’s issue is his indecisiveness. He pulls a piece of beef out of the pot, picks around it in her personal bowl, then decides he doesn’t want it and drops it back in. He grabs some fish skin to dip into the broth, but forgets about it and leaves it in to get soggy. He decides the broth tastes better now than it did five minutes ago, so he dumps his whole bowl back in and refills it. The nibbler doesn’t care at all about cross contamination – he just wants to have the best meal possible, and anyone who tries to argue with him will just feel frustrated. Leave the nibbler at home.

Picky Pete

Picky Pete is the person who holds the whole table back. Maybe he’s a vegetarian, maybe he has allergies, or maybe he just hates everything. Either way, you’ll feel a lot less satisfied with a Picky Pete around. He doesn’t like tofu – fine, okay. He thinks chilies will mess up the whole flavor balance – alright then. He won’t touch anything that’s been within a meter of a mushroom – okay, this is getting ridiculous. Tell Picky Pete to find friends of his own flavor to eat hot pot with, and then throw in as many chilies as you want!

No-shows or Late Arrivals

Being late or flaking out on a dinner with friends isn’t exactly an uncommon practice. However, when hot pot is on the line, the stakes are much different. At many hot pot restaurants, you can’t be seated without your full party, so a latecomer delays the whole meal. You don’t want your table to go to a walk-in, do you? Even worse, some restaurants charge by the number of people the booking is for – if you book for four people and one drops out at the last minute, everyone is stuck paying for them. Uncool, guys, uncool.

Professional Chefs (or not)

These are the worst of all hot pot destroyers. They sit down and immediately take control of everything – the heat, the meat, the spices and the spoon. They seem to know what’s going on, so people usually let them. That is a MISTAKE. They don’t consider cook times, they have no sense of proportion, and no, they don’t take constructive criticism. If you like overcooked beef, or want to wait longer for your soup after the professional chef throws in some raw chicken at the last minute, then this is the friend for you. Otherwise, steer clear!

As long as you don’t embody these examples, feel free to enjoy your hot pot as you see fit! Bon appetit!

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