How To Cope With Loneliness


Maybe you just got dumped. Maybe you moved cities and find yourself a little more isolated than before. Maybe you changed jobs or quit your hobby club or maybe it somehow just happened. No matter what, we’ve all been there. Feeling lonely isn’t easy, but there are some ways to get through it and back to your normal self.
  • Stay Busy

The first piece of advice for anyone who’s feeling lonely is to stay busy. Nothing feels worse than sitting at home, thinking about all the fun you used to have with that special person. Join a club or find a hobby.Even if you do it on your own, just getting out there will put you on the road to recovery. Get your mind off of your loneliness and try to enjoy yourself!

  • Make New Connections

It almost goes without saying – to conquer loneliness, stop being lonely! Whether your loneliness is romantic or not, making new connections and socializing will help you feel better about the world. Every day, you have many opportunities to forge new friendships, so put yourself out there and take advantage of them! Even fostering or adopting a pet can help you feel more like your normal self. The social connections you form will help you to remember that you aren’t alone in the world.

  • Don’t Wallow

We see it all the time on TV: someone gets dumped and they spend weeks moping around the house, eating ice cream and watching The Notebook on repeat. This can be healing for a day or two, but after that, it’s time to get back to business. By focusing on your sad feelings, you will make things seem worse than before.Before long, you will find yourself in a depressive cycle that’s hard to escape from. Take my advice: give yourself a few days to think about and process your feelings, but after that, slowly transition back into normal life one activity at a time.

  • Look to the Future

A common problem for lonely people is spending a lot of time focusing on the past. Instead, look to the future! When you find something to look forward to, the world will seem less dark. Things may have been good in the past, but there are still a lot of great things yet to come! Whether you have a vacation coming up or just want to try a new restaurant this weekend,finding something you’re excited about will help you feel better.

  • Practice Self-Care

Finally, make sure you take care of yourself. Loneliness is a psychological issue, but can also have physical effects. Continue to stay active, keep your body and your house clean, and eat properly. A healthy body will help you keep your mind healthy as well! Additionally, you can pamper yourself a little to make your loneliness easier to handle. Consider a spa day or a massage to boost your spirits!

No matter what, remember that loneliness doesn’t last forever. Stay strong and be patient, life will get better soon!

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