How To Look More Attractive While Working Out


Anyone who cares even a little bit about their appearance has at least considered going to the gym. You can build muscle, lose some fat, and become more comfortable in your own body. Even better, many other people go to the gym in order to feel more attractive – so it’s a good place to scope out the social scene as well. If a new datefriend is among your gym goals, don’t go in underprepared! Here are Hello Xom’s best tips for looking good while working out.

Get your face on (if you’re into that)

Wearing makeup is a contentious issue among gym goers – some say it distracts from the purpose and lowers your focus. However, there are some people who don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without their ‘face’ on! For these people, we recommend something light and natural looking. Highlight your good looks, but don’t go overboard or the second you start to sweat it’ll all melt off. Revlon has a line of waterproof makeup that won’t break the bank, if you’re looking for something that stays.

No ratty gym clothes

It should go without saying, but update your gym wardrobe! All too often, I see people tromping to the gym in ratty t-shirts they got for free during high school and dirty old sweatpants. If you’re looking for love, you need to step it up! Color coordinate and show off those assets. If you aren’t sure what to wear, the classics from big brands like Nike or Adidas are a sure bet. Anyone more experimental can have a look online – there are so many brands making creative and fun leggings, tank tops, and more for the gym. Get ready to catch some eyes!

 Plan your outfits

On that note, make sure you plan and coordinate your outfit. Your new rainbow tie-dye leggings look great, but maybe not paired with your cotton candy t-shirt. Consider your outfit as a whole – pants, shirt, shoes, socks – and ensure that all pieces look cohesive together. The gym is a great place to get experimental and have fun with colors and patterns, but everything should be in moderation.

Fight your sweat

Sometimes, your biggest enemy at the gym is your own sweat. Anyone who has long cardio workouts or has a gym with no air condition knows this struggle. It’s great to work hard, of course, but we could all do without the shiny face, wet clothes, and the body odor! First of all, make sure you have some good antiperspirant. This type of deodorant stops the smell and can help you sweat less, too! Feel free to put it on anywhere you get a little too moist – deodorant is made to be safe for your body. Next, bring a towel. Blot your face whenever you start to get sweaty and shiny and your gym look will stay on for the long run.

 Don’t give up


Our last tip is to keep going to the gym! No matter what you do, you’re working your way to a stronger, more capable body, and the results will show that. Every time you go to the gym, you look a little better than the time before. Keep at it and show the world your dedication!

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