How To Set Up a Cocktail Party At Home


Planning the Perfect Cocktail Party

Nothing lubricates your social interactions better than a cocktail or beer party! Whether you need to make new connections for work or you just want to expand your friend group, setting up a successful cocktail party can put you ahead of the rest. Get ready to mingle!

Type of cocktail

Your first task is to consider what type of cocktail party you will throw. If it’s among friends, you might consider a less formal setting – no need to have the best equipment or those top-shelf alcohols. You can also consider a themed party; for instance, a beach theme, a Christmas theme, or a space theme would be fun! Remember, though, that you will need different materials for these parties. If your cocktail party is something more formal, such as with work colleagues, a more understated cocktail party plan is probably better.

Budget and location

Next, you need to think about your budget and location when you set up your cocktail party. Choose a party space where many people can actively flow from seating, to entertainment, to drinks. The conversation should be as easy as the drinks at your party. In terms of your budget, there’s no need to stretch your wallet too far. As long as you include the basic alcohols (rum, vodka, gin, whisky, wine, beer) and mixers (club soda, cranberry and orange juice, tonic water, assorted sodas), your party guests should be satisfied. You’ll also need a lot of ice, to keep your drinks and conversation cool!


Another note to look at is the snacks: a good cocktail party plan doesn’t need to include full meals, of course, but your guests will need something to take the edge off of all those drinks. Again, you’ll want to keep your guests and theme in mind, but generally nuts, cheese, fruit, and crackers will be a good start. Set your snacks up in a different place from your drinks – this gives your party guests a good reason to walk around and mingle a bit, but also keeps different types of messes separate.

Bar tools

The last set of equipment you’ll need to budget for are bar tools, if you don’t have any. At the very least, you’ll want a corkscrew, tongs for the ice, and a bottle opener. It also doesn’t hurt to provide stirring spoons, a shaker, a strainer, and a couple of jiggers. For your party guests to enjoy their drinks in comfort and style, you should make sure you have wine glasses, martini glasses, and rocks glasses. For a cocktail party plan with premixed drinks, you’ll need some pitchers in order to serve them.

Actual cocktail party

The last order of business is the actual cocktail party. Prepare garnishes, such as olives and slices of fruit, slightly before the party starts and set everything up. Throughout the night, keep everything refilled and soon you will seem like the perfect host. Keep an eye out for spills and make sure you empty the trash often. Your cocktail party guests will have a great time if you follow these guidelines!

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