How To Start A Conversation With A Person You Just Met


Need something to say to a person you just met? Here are some tips that can help you talk to someone you don’t know.
  • Stop thinking and just start talking

You can start approaching someone by commenting on something personal. It can be something distinctive that tells a story about the person, for example a jewel, a trendy t-shirt, or even a tattoo. Items like this give you a starting point for conversation.

You can ask the origin of the jewel, the brand of the t-shirt, or the meaning of the tattoo. 

After you receive the answer, think about something else to say that will give you a common base to build a conversation and maybe a relationship. Before you start, have a follow-up story in mind. This is the key to build a conversation with the person you just met.

You do need not to say the perfect thing or come across a certain way, but just to open the door for more conversation!

  • Realize that every person wants the same thing you do

You need to stop looking at people as strangers; instead, you should view them as a friend you have not yet met.

You might see someone as a stranger because you were always told to, but this human being wants to laugh, have fun, and love just like you. Make the first step and the best is yet to come!

  • Have in mind a current event to talk about

Make sure to have a quick look at CNN or another news site and check out any breaking news. Breaking news is almost always an incredibly easy conversation starter, particularly if you have a bit of knowledge about what is going on. Even in the era of smartphones with internet access, the personal sharing of events makes a big difference.

  • Ask questions about him/her showing your interest to his/her personal experience

People always love to talk about themselves. It is something they know about and something they are often happy to discuss because it means that you are interested in them.

It opens the doors to general topics, things that are personal (but not too personal of course) also fill them with good feelings when they talk about them. It will make the other person feel that your conversation was a special and memorable moment.

  • Listen, listen, listen

When someone is talking, do not stand there trying to think of the next thing you are going to say. That does not build a relationship. Instead, you need to be paying attention to the speaker and listen to what he is saying.

Make sure you are present and pay attention. One of the best ways to do this is with eye contact, looking comfortably at the speaker.

Summarize and repeat back your understanding of what he is saying so he knows you are hearing him, and focus on the emotions he might be feeling.

Being a good listener can make you a stronger, more caring person and bring a more supportive angle to your relationships.

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