1. Scope of collection:

Hello Xom only collect the below information from User:

a. Personal information: including information provided by User to verify his/her Account such as full name, telephone number, ID Card Number, email address. 

b. General information: information on configuration of the devices accessing Hello Xom(mobile or computer device, log-in, log-out time, IP address, diary of posted information on Hello Xom).

We do not apply anymeasure to control the content of message or exchanges between User(s) or anycontrol measure to inspect the Users, except the filter system to filter anyprohibited contents as required by Vietnamese laws.

2. Purpose of collection:

The collection of personal data of User serves for the registration of the Account, provision ofServices and respect Hello Xom’s obligation in management of prohibited content as required by Vietnamese laws

3. Time for storage:

Hello Xom stores at least 2 years for any information of the Account, log-in time, log-out time, IP address and diary of posted information of Users;

4. Address of the entity to collect and use of personal information:

Address of Hello Xom:No. 318 Nguyen Xien Street, Go Cong Area, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, HoChi Minh City

5. Method to modify personal information:

User has all rights to access and use of any features to access and modify his/her personal data.

User has all rights to access and use of “Modification of Account” to access and modify his personal data on Hello Xom.

Only User with verified telephone number may log in and modify personal information of the Account.

6. Protection of personal information and data:

Hello Xom commits to deploy the most secured solution to protect personal data and information, including but not limited to using the secured transfer information method https and encrypted to transfer all personal information and diary of posted information of User. We commits to keep confidential and always use the most secured solution for all information provided by the Users or collected from the Uses.

We do not disclose such collected information to any third party, save for the cases required by relevant competent authorities under Vietnamese laws.