Signs That You Have Found Your Soulmate


1. They will always defend you when you are not around

Your soulmate will be loyal when you are not around and fiercely defend you. In your time of crisis, they spend every moment with you, just so you do not feel alone and abandoned.

2. If you do not love the same thing, you will compromise

Your soulmate wants to see some regressive cartoon and you prefer to see an American blockbuster. So, you compromise and see both, all in one night.

3. You hate the same people

If someone hurts you, your soulmate will stop seeing them and more, will not allow strangers you barely know to get between you.

4. They would tell you what you would need to hear, not what you would want to hear

After some shots of vodka and liters of beer, you want your soulmate to help you ordering another bottle of wine but actually, you just need stop drinking and go back home safely in a taxi. Your BFF will take you home and help you get an aspirin!

5. They listen to your problems over (and over and over) again

Your soulmate listens to your fears, frustrations, and other important feelings. He will show interest in what you have to say.

When it comes to advice, even when you ask the same questions time after time, your bestie will never get tired of having to reassure you how amazing you are, and how stupid is the person who tried to hurt you.

6. You both laugh about things no one else finds funny but you two. 

See? This is why no new friends are needed!

7. He will cancel plans just to be with you when you need him 

If you are going through a breakup or serious drama, your soulmate is here to spend time with you. His only presence will be enough to reassure you and comfort you.

8. Talking to your soulmate feels like you are having a free therapy, with more fun

Obviously, it is more fun to talk with someone who knows you, who does not use long or difficult words. With him, you can confess your deepest secrets for hours and have your soulmate tell you some jokes right when you need it most.

9. You are a part of his family

You are invited to family dinner on Sunday nights, you go on your best friend family vacations, and you have asked his family if they can just adopt you because you practically live at their house anyways.

10. You know what your bestie is thinking by just looking at him

It only takes one look to know exactly what your soulmate is thinking

11. You have the same music taste

You easily agree on what song you are going to sing at the top of your lungs while you speed down the highway.

12. Together you can make anything entertaining

Whether it is going to the grocery store, going to the bank, or just watching a Netflix TV show, everything seems exciting when you are with your soulmate.

13. Your soulmate never judges you

No matter if you have not changed out of your blue sweater shorts in 3 days or have not stepped foot in a gym in 8 months, he still loves you no matter what.

14. They always know when you are upset

There is no need for you to spell out when you are feeling upset, a soulmate will be able to tell that you are not feeling 100% without you having to say anything.

This person will be able to tell how you are feeling just by looking at you, or just by seeing how you are acting. Other friends may be willing to listen when you are upset, but only a soulmate will know what you need before you even say it.

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