1. Introduction

The social network Hello Xom is a specialized social network dedicated to connect group of individuals sharing the same interests. The social network Hello Xom is developed by Hello Xom Company Limited. All rights are reserved.

2. General conditions

User of Hello Xom has to read carefully this Term of Use and relevant terms and conditions. By downloading, installing or updating the application Hello Xom, it is deemed that the User has agreed with all relevant applicable terms and conditions.

3. Account

User of Hello Xom is entitled to create his or her account. User must be individual being over 18 years old as at the registration date.

User’s account is verified by email or telephone number. User must be ensured that these information served for registration are true and accurate as of the registration date

4 .Prohibited activities

User of Hello Xom can use their account to discuss and make friend by using the functions of Hello Xom social network, except for using Hello Xom social network for the prohibited purpose under the laws of Vietnam as below:

a. Offence against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; harming the national security or social safety and order; destroying the national great unity; propagandizing for wars and terrorism; causing feuds and contradictions among different ethnicities, races or religions;

b. Propagandizing for or provoking violence, obscenity, depravity, crimes, social evils or superstition, destroying fine traditional customs of the nation;

c. Disclosing State secrets, military, security, economic or foreign relations secrets and other secrets as stipulated by law;

d. Providing information which distorts, slanders, or insults the reputation of an organization or the honor and dignity of an individual;

e. Advertising, propagandizing, selling or purchasing prohibited goods or services; disseminating prohibited works of the press, literacy, art or publications;

f. Falsely presenting [oneself] as another organization or individual and disseminating falsified or untrue information that is harmful to the lawful rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

5. Fee and other charges

Hello Xom does not collect any fee or charges.

6. Privacy policy

All personal information of the User are protected under the relevant regulation and are not shared with any third party.

By using Hello Xom, the User agrees that Hello Xom is permitted to use the personal information which are provided by the User

7. Violation

Any violation of the Term of Use will be sanctioned under the Operation regulation of Hello Xom and relevant regulations. The administration has discretion to decide on the sanction measure.

8. Maintenance and updates

The social network Hello Xom will be updated and supplemented with new functions from time to time. The term of use and this Term will be amended accordingly and available at By continuing to use Hello Xom, you have agreed with these terms and conditions in its entirety, including any amended version of its.

9. Contact us

If the User has any query about the term and conditions, please contact directly our administration or customer service:

  • Hello Xom Company Limited
  • Address: 319 Nguyen Xien Street, Go Cong Commune, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Telephone: 0283 6361 705