Types of Tiresome Friends Who Will Ruin Your Trip


The 5 Types of People You Should Never Invite on a Group Vacation

There’s nothing better than a good vacation – forgetting about work and commitments, relaxing on the beach, eating and drinking in style. Even better if it’s with friends! However, things don’t always go as planned, do they? In order for your next vacation to go as smoothly as possible, here are our top five friends to leave home on your next group vacay.

Money Conflicts

Your friend is parsimonious
Your friend is too cheap

Money is the number one cause of divorce for a good reason! While a vacation isn’t quite the same as a marriage, you and your friends might have similar disagreements. It’s a good idea to try to go on vacation with people who have similar financial habits as you. If you take a group vacation with someone too cheap, you risk sub-par accommodations and activities. Trying to encourage them to spend more is like talking to a brick wall. On the other side of things, going out with friends who are used to spending a lot of money means you’re the one holding everyone back. A vacation shouldn’t break your bank, but you need to feel comfortable with the idea of spending more than usual for a great experience.

Spending more than usual for a great experience
Spending more than usual for a great experience

Time Conflicts

Many studies show that there are two main types of people in this world: early birds and night owls. You probably know which one you are! We recommend going on vacation with friends whose sleep pattern matches yours. If you’re the type of person who likes to get an early start during vacation so you can catch all the daytime activities available, make sure you don’t go out with your friends who want to barhop until 3 am! The reverse is also true, of course – if you aren’t interested in those museums and the zoo, you need a different crew than your 8 am Farmer’s Market friends.


Kids are inconvenient if you are not ready for vacation
Kids are inconvenient if you are not ready for vacation

Related to the issue of time management is the complicated situation of children. As your friend group starts getting married and building their lives, it becomes more and more likely that they’ll need to bring their kids along. If this is the case for your group vacation, you’re going to become an early riser by necessity. Only invite your friends with kids if you are prepared to do wholesome activities all day!


Imagine this scenario: you’ve booked the plane tickets, the hotel rooms, and that one amazing-looking tour (on your own credit card). You’re set to leave with your two best friends in just under a week. Suddenly, you get a message – your friend can’t come anymore. “Sorry, girl, it’s just too expensive for me right now. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you.” Flakes complicate everything – you never know until the last minute if they’ll be there. If they don’t show, you better hope there are refunds available!

Lazy Bones

Lazy friend would prefer to stay poolside ordering room service
A lazy friend just wants to order room service by the pool

Whether you stay up late or get an early start to the day, the point of a vacation is to do a lot of exciting new things! If you have a friend who prefers to laze about the hotel all day, they’re probably not the best choice to complete your quad. You can plan the most interesting activities and delicious meals, but the lazy friend would prefer to stay poolside ordering room service. Leave them behind and you’ll find yourself with much more freedom.

The most important aspect of a group vacation is your group, so make sure these tiresome friends don’t ruin your next trip!

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