7 Great Benefits of Your Study Group


If you’re a student, a lifelong learner, or building a certain skillset, you probably spend a lot of time with your books. Studying by yourself can be effective, but in order to get the most out of your studies, it’s a good idea to join a study group, too. There are many different reasons to join a study group – read on to find out!


1.  Practice, practice, practice

Depending on your subject, practicing with other students can give you a strong advantage. Class discussions are good, but learners in a study group can get some extra practice, whether they’re learning a language or having philosophical debates. This can cement the knowledge they’ve gained in previous classes and provide some real-world experience! Additionally, a study group often has students with differing backgrounds, and these students will bring new knowledge, increasing the abilities of everyone in the group.


2. Learn by teaching

An advantage of joining a study group is having built-in tutors and students. In any class, each person will have a good understanding of some concepts and need some help with others. With a study group, you can use this to everyone’s benefit! Studies have shown that one of the best ways to learn is through teaching. You can help your struggling classmates and solidify your own knowledge of subjects at the same time. Conversely, there will always be someone ready to work with when you yourself are struggling.


3. Procrastination prevention

One issue many students have is procrastination. It’s hard to continue writing your thesis when a new episode of your favorite show has just been released! Group learning can help prevent this tiresome issue, however. Surrounded by a study group of like-minded pupils, the environment is just right to help students focus on their work. Nobody wants to be the only person messing around when everyone else is working hard!


4. Sharing the effort

Tackling a big school project can be daunting to the self-studying student. One benefit of learning in a group is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Any time you have a paper or project due, consult with your study group. You can split up duties such as research and planning to make the work smoother for everyone. Of course, these techniques can also be used for regular classwork and even preparing for tests. Splitting up the effort leaves more time for effective study for your study group.


5. A team of editors

In a higher-level class, students will be expected to choose positions and defend them, whether in class discussions or in their term papers and essays. A benefit of having a study group available means you can preview these class discussions or get those essays edited by different students with different positions and ideas. There’s no better way to find all the angles to defend your position than being surrounded by a bunch of devil’s advocates!


6. Friendly competition

A little healthy competition within your study group can inspire some much-needed excitement during a long study session. For example, you can race to complete a set number of flash cards or compete to see how can get the most calculus problems solved correctly. Done properly, making a game out of studying is a shortcut to academic success!


7. Moral support

Let’s face it – studying is hard! Even if your class is fun and interesting, it can be hard to force yourself to do the work. Another benefit of studying in a group is the moral support. Your friends and classmates will be happy to encourage you when things get rough, and you can do the same for them. With the right study group, your classwork will feel like a party. Grab some snacks and let’s dig into those math problems!

Next time you have to slog your way through a difficult class, consider these advantages of joining a study group. Having friends around can really help you achieve those great grades!

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